What exactly is the cultural economy, the creative economy, and the sharing economy? What is the gig economy, and who works within it? What are the roots of these terms and the various economies they describe, and how and where do they intersect to bring value to our communities, to entrepreneurship, livelihood and work in these changing times?

This session will answer these and others through presenting the strategy of shared entrepreneurship – specifically in the area of artist and worker-owned cooperative enterprise. The session will also explore New Orleans’ renowned "improvisational impulse’' and the region’s history of collaboration and cooperation that has made New Orleans a leading example of cultural economy development from the grassroots up.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of New Orleans history of collaboration, cooperation, and innovation and how it may be applied to develop a more inclusive and equitable cultural economy in the region

  • A deep dive into the 7 International Cooperative Principles and Values

  • An understanding of new forms of financing that support cooperative business development from social impact investing to crowdfunding


Sally Stevens Rhythm Conspiracy Productions, Inc.
Co-founder, Lead Organizer