According to a recent Helical IT survey, if a decision is made relying on data rather than simply intuition, the chances of succeeding are 79% higher. These days, like it or not, we’re all in the data business and while the endless numbers can seem overwhelming, prioritizing data collection and analysis will ultimately be what makes or breaks your business.

Analytics have always been central to Lucid’s decision making process, and seven years later, our growth speaks for itself. Join us for this interactive, 3-hour summit where we’ll share time-saving tips for increasing productivity – and efficiency. We’ll begin with Excel formulas that will change your life, which will be followed by an introduction to Power BI and the power of data visualization. We’ll wrap things up with the “Lucid Bar,” where experts from our team will be on hand to meet with attendees individually and answer specific questions…over a beer, of course!


CEO and Founder
Director of Business Intelligence
John Ringhofer Microsoft
Technical Solutions Professional, Data Platform