New Orleans is bursting with entrepreneurial efforts. Many are working hard to bring economic revival to one of America's greatest cities. People love New Orleans for its food, music, culture, architecture, people, and more. However, many who are vital to New Orleans being so cherished are often left out and cut off from the human ecosystem that is benefiting most from the rapid urban renewal. For us, it's not an "either or" but a "both and," so we are dedicated to providing business training, support, and affordable resources to underserved entrepreneurs, empowering them to create sustainable, successful business in New Orleans. Did you know that female-headed family households in which at least one person owned a microbusiness generated $8,000 to $13,000 more in annual household income than similar households without a business owner?

Launch NOLA, an initiative of St. Roch CDC, is having a pitch competition for graduates of our 10-week Co-Starters class. Come cheer on local small business entrepreneurs who are working hard to fulfill their dreams and even vote for the People's Choice Award. Entrepreneurs in a variety of fields will be vying for cash and in-kind prizes. Learn more at


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