Business partners often find it challenging to discuss the details of their agreement. Some know they need professional help, but others simply procrastinate. And, let’s face it, starting a new business venture is fun, and it’s easy to agree early in a relationship, especially if your partner is a friend.

As decisions become more complex, the likelihood of disagreement or dissatisfaction increases exponentially. Once that angst sets it, it becomes harder to grow the business and maintain a friendly relationship with your business partner.

By borrowing tools from psychologists, Andrew Legrand is walking attendees through a detailed process which addresses conflict resolution, scenario planning, and expectations in detail that most lawyers don’t even know to ask about. The final result is a partnership agreement that allows the partners to focus on growing the business without stressing about their relationship.

Attendees will walk away from this session with any understanding of:

  • Why psychology is so important when creating a legal agreement between business owners

  • How contributions, roles, responsibilities, and ownership can systematically and fairly be determined to create a clear roadmap for a successful business partnership

  • How scenario planning, conflict management, and written expectations can help partners prevent a disagreement from escalating into a business-killing dispute


Andrew Legrand Spera Law Group, LLC