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This Women's Summit at NOEW 2017 will provide an opportunity for female professionals to convene, network with and learn from local and national experts. Designed to draw out the unique and shared experience of the participants, the day will provide opportunity for self reflection and discussion of how to overcome the challenges women uniquely face in the workplace.

A Listening Session and Conversation with StartUp Co-Host, Lisa Chow

Hear from the co-host of StartUp, one of the top podcasts about entrepreneurship, which The Guardian calls “disarming” and “refreshingly sincere.”

Lisa Chow, co-host of StartUp, will play short audio highlights from the show and share her experience to begin a conversation with the audience about overcoming the real challenges of being a female professional, particularly as an entrepreneur.

Navigating Sexuality at Work: Finding the Line Between Harmless and Harassment

We’ve all been there. A potential investor seems like they might be hitting on you, a hug at a networking event is cringe inducing, or there’s innuendo you’re not sure about in an email. As women, we can find ourselves in the gray areas of professional and social interactions with men.

In this interactive fireside chat with Rebecca Marchiafava, Vice President of Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response, we’ll discuss how to navigate those hard to characterize interactions when something feels “not quite right.”

Participants will

  • Have the option to reflect about their own experiences

  • Understand how our different identities (age, race, sexual orientation etc) can impact these interactions

  • Develop strategies for navigating these situations

Bada$$ Negotiation Strategies that Work for Women? Yes, Please!

As female entrepreneurs, we’re negotiating constantly, but too often, women are told we’re bad at negotiations. Lelia Gowland thinks that’s garbage. Many women innately have the skills required to be successful negotiators: empathy, listening, collaboration. In this fun, interactive session, Lelia will lead a discussion in which participants will learn from one another, consider their own experiences negotiating, and develop key strategies for negotiation that are effective for women – helping them avoid the gender bias that can hold women back.

  • Explore the current landscape for women in meetings and events alongside a group of supportive confidantes

  • Develop a range of negotiation strategies that are effective for women

  • Build confidence and negotiation skills in a way that feels authentic


    Lisa Chow Gimlet Media | StartUp Podcast
    Host, StartUp
    Lelia Gowland Gowland LLC
    Vice President