A.J. Brigati Registered Investment Advisor


A.J. Brigati is a Registered Investment Advisor. He served as an analyst for two Fortune 500 apparel retailers before founding his own investment advisory and concierge CFO firm, MBHC LLC, which is registered with the states of Louisiana and Alabama Securities Commissions. A past financial reporter for Miami- and Orlando-market radio stations, A.J. is a regular panel contributor to major financial networks and publications. He has both started and advised ventures across a variety of areas: retail, fitness, food and hospitality, entertainment, beauty and wellness, financial services, real estate/venture capital, and technology. He is a licensed thoroughbred owner in Florida and Louisiana and is often found taking the office on-the-go at the historic Fairgrounds Race Course in New Orleans.


Ask Me Anything: A.J. Brigati Camp Street Stage

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