Andreanecia Morris Executive Director, HousingNOLA & President, GNOHA


A graduate of Loyola University, Morris has worked to create affordable housing opportunities in the Greater New Orleans Area in both the public and private sectors. Morris has assisted in creating opportunities for approximately 500 families to become first-time homebuyers after Hurricane Katrina, and she was lead organizer for GNOHA when it started in 2007 as a collaborative coalition of non-profit housing builders and community development corporations who work to rebuild the City of New Orleans. Morris has established connections with community members, governmental officials and media to successfully promote the agenda for low to mixed-income housing in the Greater New Orleans region, and many people consider her a key player in rebuilding the city of New Orleans. Leaders like Morris and the organizations she is involved in have been actively sowing the seeds of transformation in a city known for its racial polarization, Nimbyism and challenging political infrastructure. Much of the city's progress to date has depended upon citizen leadership and an emerging infrastructure of nonprofit organizations that have helped local residents build their ability to influence policy decisions and develop creative, bottom-up solutions to the issues facing their communities.


City as a Startup The Library at The Ogden

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