David Bottner CEO
New Orleans Mission


Blessed throughout his life as a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, David came to the New Orleans Mission in June 2012 with a passion for helping hurting people and a true calling as one of God’s faithful stewards over the homeless population of the greater New Orleans area. David’s love and commitment to his family helps fuel his passion to see families restored who have been broken apart.

David epitomizes effective leadership, has gained the respect of city officials and local media, and has built solid relationships with churches and business owners who support his vision and applaud the life- altering changes that are happening to people every day at the Mission and the organization’s Northshore campus, the Giving Hope Retreat. David’s new strategy to RESCUE people from homelessness, support their RECOVERY efforts, and implement programs and services that foster a person’s successful RE-ENGAGEMENT into society is a key reason the organization's success rates have soared.


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