Lelia Gowland President
Gowland LLC


Lelia Gowland is president of Gowland, LLC, a consulting firm that educates and empowers women, businesses, and professional associations that value women who work.

Considered a thought leader on women and workplace dynamics, Lelia is a regular contributor to Forbes and has been profiled in pieces in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire for her unique approach to negotiations for women.

Having obtained a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Michigan and a BA in Sociology from the University of Texas at Dallas, Lelia is trained to understand political, professional, and cultural systems and the way they affect workplace dynamics.

Clients often remark that Lelia's characteristic levity makes potentially intimidating or boring information dynamic, engaging, and memorable. She combines her expertise in both workplace and gender dynamics with her ability to listen, suggest strategies, and support clients in applying those strategies to their own professional lives.

A recent workshop participant noted, “Lelia's personality and enthusiasm are perfect for this work.


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