Sean Carrigan CEO


Sean Carrigan is an entrepreneur at heart, helping launch two successful startups in only three years. After spending seven years in business development, sales and marketing within the publishing and media world, he wanted to take his knowledge and experience to create something new and innovative. Sean was on the launch team of adverCar, an OOH media start-up that connects brands with customers in targeted ways. After helping to grow the company through his marketing and businesses development expertise and establishing enterprise and local sales efforts across the country, Sean set off on his next venture and founded MobileQubes in early 2012 where he currently serves as CEO.

MobileQubes is a national network of self-automated kiosks that allow customers to rent and return compact battery “Qubes” and continue charging and using their devices on-the-go.

MobileQubes makes the inconvenience of a dead or dying battery a thing of the past.


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