Acrew Founded By Crystal McDonald

Acrew is adding depth to the hiring process by adding “the people” factor upfront in addition to the traditional resume and application. This feature adds depth, while streamlining the hiring process across multiple industries – and high-turnover industries in particular (service, healthcare, hospitality, and retail). Hiring managers can efficiently and effectively screen and vet candidates through Acrew’s brief first impression videos. Employers are able to get a preview of personality, gumption, and overall likeability. Acrew will seamlessly integrate with a company’s current HR or applicant tracking system. Job seekers can complete a customizable application and video answering specific questions identified by the employer. Once the interview and application is complete, the information will filter into the employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS). Hiring managers can review the brief videos when it’s most convenient for them making a clear evaluation of motivation, fit and performance.

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