Chosen Diagnostics Founded By Sunyoung Kim

Chosen Diagnostics’ core mission is to improve health care delivery for patients by providing diagnostic tests that personalize their treatment. The company is developing a biomarker test to diagnose a common and life-threatening gastrointestinal disease, called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), in preterm infants with low birth weight. Annually, over 6,000 preterm infants in the US acquire NEC, which incurs $3.2 billion in healthcare costs. In Louisiana alone, 1,400 preterm infants each year are at risk. For the last three decades, NEC diagnosis has relied on radiology, which identifies only 44% of affected infants. The rapid pace of disease progression usually results in bowel destruction and surgery. More than a quarter of the affected infants die and survivors are faced with long-term health complications. Accordingly, there is a critical need for a diagnostic test with better performance. Our solution is Neonatal DDx, a novel test that identifies 93% true positives and 95% true negatives. Such medical device advancement and adoption within hospitals in Jefferson Parish and the greater New Orleans area can spur earlier NEC treatment and improve outcomes in these fragile patients, as well as lower health care costs.

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