Crescent City Seafood Connection Founded By Brendt Schaubhut

My name is Brendt Schaubhut owner of Crescent City Seafood Connection. I was born and raised in St. Bernard Parish. Member of the Save Louisiana Coalition board, I come from a back ground of commercial fisherman and grew up in this lifestyle. Crescent City Seafood Connection is a locally owned & operated Seafood Distribution Company who brings Passion, Pride & Persistence in selling local seafood such as fresh, Louisiana oysters, Louisiana blue crab, soft-shell crabs, and shrimp to local restaurants and consumers. Almost 100 % of our seafood comes out of the Parish waters. In the beginning of 2016 we started our own pop-up oyster bar called “The Brackish Bar”, which has been a major success and add on to our business. We have participated in many local events & festivals such as Blues, Brews & BBQ, Sippin’ in the Sunset, Sippin’ on the Bayou,40 Arpent Brewery Annual Christmas Bash, Sugar Fest, Oyster Tuesday’s at Pirogue’s Whiskey Bayou & Old Arabi Bar, and the Seafood & Farmers Markets. Along the way, we fell in love with servicing people, sharing our passion with them, sharing the same love for oysters and even changing the minds of people who didn’t.

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