Fairshare Founded By Steve Zeringue

Fairshare LLC is a Louisiana based service provider headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fairshare has developed an innovative, patent pending emerging payment solution called PayAway®, designed to facilitate substantial incremental revenues and payment collections for sellers of goods and services. PayAway® enables no interest, no credit check, no/low fee (i.e.“friendly”) purchase financing for millions of credit underserved adults in the U.S. The PayAway® solution focuses on helping those that do not have access to adequate credit, prefer not to use credit, or do not otherwise have enough cash on-hand to facilitate larger dollar purchases. PayAway® does this without the use of punitive financing methods (i.e., high interest rates and fees), nor does it emulate any alternative payment method designed to perpetuate poor budgeting or frivolous buying behaviors such as that found with using Rent-To-Own, Lease/Purchase, Payday loans or “Easy Payments” (where the buyer is paying a grossly inflated retail price).


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