Haring Labs Founded By Christopher Haring

Haring Laboratories Inc. is a Tech Company that designs, develops and commercializes cutting-edge engine efficiency and emission reduction products for a broad range of industries running engines that use diesel, biofuel, kerosene, petrol, trash fuels, and even natural gas. Haring Laboratories’ management team has more than 80 years of developing mission critical technology, and the system can easily and quickly be retrofitted to any engine, making those engines qualify for the 2030 EU emission standards. Haring Laboratories has developed proprietary technology that includes reducing emissions by 40% – 80% depending upon the initial setup of the engine, reducing fuel consumption by at least 10% depending upon the initial setup of the engine and allowing for engines to run cooler by 1-2 degrees. The company’s mission is to make carbon-burning engines highly efficient in the utilization of their fuel, thus creating better fuel economy, lower emissions and cleaner running engines.

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